Well…it’s been a while. The lack of posting is in part due to my Internship with the lovely people at New-Gen! They are a great group in the comic book and film business and it is a pleasure to be interning there. I worked comic con with them and have been producing a lot of content for their website and social media places. Feel free to check them out here.


Now that my absence is explained, let’s get up to speed.

Good news: Going to see a lot of content being uploaded in the coming days. A lot of it will be New-Gen based but there is a outtake from Out of Print in the works. J.M. DeMatteis talking about the Justice League International. The comic is completed. A few pages needed to be touched up, but it is done. Hope to have that up before Christmas. Also after a small hiatus (due to comic con and hurricane Sandy) expect more episodes of the Comic Books United podcast coming your way.

Bad News: There really isn’t any. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy the stuff and please don’t be shy to comment or ask questions.