Hello again. Figured I was due for an update and I actually have two of them. I’m currently wrapping up my first professional comic experience. Submitted the last script for New-Gen: Awakening last friday and waiting on notes for revisions. Been keeping it on the down low, but figured with it coming to a close in the next few weeks, now would be a good time to break the news. Overall it’s been a great experience and I’ve enjoying writing this mini series. It’ll focus on Carmen growing up on New-Gen and coming to terms with her family.

Also finally took the time to fix the audio on Out of Print. Some interview audio has a bit off (partly vimeo’s bad loading and partying being off a frame or two) so i uploaded a new cut that also corrects some other errors.


To celebrate, the long awaited outtake of J.M. DeMatteis talking about the Justice League International will be up tomorrow. Get excited.