Howdy. Hope you all like new content. It’s been a weird few months. Some setbacks along the way for various reasons. Sometimes, when you try to accomplish a goal, you can lose track of why you made that goal in the first place. Either way that’s over with and I’m excited to announce so new projects.

1) Tales of Happenstance- What I hope to be an on-going web comic. I’ve hired a good friend to illustrate and am more than thrilled with the results. (Yes, art has been created and it will be releases…Yes you will actually see it.). Title is working, but I really wanted to capture the Strange Tales feel of the Marvel anthology book from the 1950s and 60s. It was a double feature book and like that, this will also be a double feature (first issue will only be one story though). Debating on if I will release the first issue immedately. I’m thinking of waiting until issue two is done before releasing one. But this is happening. Expect art in the coming days. 

2) Out of Print Outtake: The Question- Yes, this too is also happening. Finally fixed the video issue that kept me from working on it in the past months. Expect to see some new video effects with this one. I’ve been using Photoshop and After Effects to do some very neat things. I’m hoping to have this done in a week or two. Expect to see a teaser tonight.

Also in the process of plotting a webisode series. It’s in the planning stages at best. So hopefully that can launch in a month, or so. 

So yeah, expect new things.