AnotherNight P1 The Morning After

Hello once again. Just to update you on what’s going on.

First, Tales of Happenstance is got a print run. Above is the cover, which Sly did a fantastic job on. If you like his work, please check out his original stuff on Included in the print version is some bonus material which really came out great and adds a look at the creative process on both the story and art side.  These will be at few locations on Long Island and I’ll be take a bunch to New York Comic Con with me. I’ll let you know the retailers soon.

Second, going to be attempted a new video project soon. Something a bit more on the creative side. Not that it’s the end of Out of Print Outtakes, but I’d like to do something different this go around. Debating on two different projects, may go with both of them honestly. We’ll see what time permits.

Third, Saturday I worked on a script that I’m really stoked about. This would be a new project. It could end up in Tales of Happenstance, or dare I say, another book. It’s in a genre that I’ve really wanted to explore for sometime.

So that’s that. The road to Comic Con is has pretty much begun. Expect probably more updates like this in the future.