Hey everyone. Gearing up for Inbeon Con this weekend. I’ll be there with Tales of Happenstance artist, Sly Krapa. He’ll have copies of his graphic novel, The Smoke Man, with him so be sure to pick up a copy (I know I’m buying one). We’ll be there 10am – 6pm at the Islandia Marriot.

So, when Sly and I were working on the cover for Issue Five, I had this idea for a visual of a wine glass spilling on a carpet. Sly sent over a test of that idea, which is the wine glass spilling onto an all white void (Which was used as the cover for the online release of the comic). He then later got me the final edition of the cover, which also came out great. But I loved the all white version of the cover and decided that we would make that the variant cover of the printed edition. So, the all white cover will be sold only at con appearances, while the regular cover will be available pretty much everywhere else.

I’m excited to see you all at the con. Feel free to stop by and say hi. 13334835_10209864515152187_149844135_o13305192_10209834427440013_827173588806747147_o